Nixon Marine Global Ltd has been appointed by Norwegian developer and manufacturer of marine electronics Fell Marine. Fell Marine specialise in wireless safety technology. The company has leading edge experience with wireless technology and has great experience from product development, electronics and manufacturing

The MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch Offers the freedom you wish to experience on a boat trip, while caring for your safety should an accident occur, enjoy fishing, waves and have fun – or just cruise comfortably without any cord in the way. This product is based on Fell’s own wireless protocol,WiMEA ®

WiMEA ® Protocol is a revolutionising wireless technology developed specifically for its purpose – to give you as a boat driver freedom and safety. With 100 % requirements for robustness and durability, only the most advanced wireless technology is good enough, to save lives. FELL has therefore developed WiMEA ® Protocol – Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm.