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Marine Formula 113g Pump

Marine Formula™ is the ONLY patented product, specifically designed to break the bonds of polyurethane adhesives, and sealants including cured and incurred 3M™5200, 4200, and 4000 & Sika™ 291 adhesives - and it really works.
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It’s the most POWERFUL at breaking adhesive BONDS, that were once considered permanent. This handy product will take the headache out of replacing and resealing deck hardware, hatches and thru-hull fittings.

If you’ve ever tried to remove something bedded with 3M 5200, or a similar Polyurethane adhesive, you would find out that the stuff is stronger than you - or your boat.

It’s easy to use and makes your job easy as well! Marine Formula once applied makes the adhesives LOSE their grip within minutes!

Don’t forget Marine Formula when removing transducers, and old outboards for repowering with today’s high tech outboards! And it’s not just for powerboats--- sailboats love it too: it speeds up sailboat keel removal, winch, windless, and deck hardware removal as well! Boat yards also rely on DeBond Marine Formula for removing radar arches and electronics for transport!

Our product is SAFE on fiberglass, gel coat, powder coating, aluminum, 2-part paint systems, polycarbonate hatches, and clearcoat. And, it won’t harm leather either!

The cleanup process is also simple: with just soap and water, which neutralizes Marine Formula, followed by denatured alcohol.

DeBond Marine Formula™ also works extremely well at removing:

  •  Masking tape,
  •  Shrink wrap tape
  •  Duct tape adhesives
  •  Vinyl lettering
  •  Black rub marks
  • VHB tape
  • Super glues
  • Sharpie pen
  • Chewing gum on carpet & clothing
  • Flex tape
  • Silicone rubber
  • Tree sap
  • Sika flex 291
  • Picks up wet 5200 and silicone rubber/liquid nails, and other construction adhesives,
  • Loosens stuck screws, bolts, and contact cement
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